class autopilot.core.utils.Param(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

In the future, we will implement a coherent Parameter management system


Not Implemented.

tag = None
type = None
types = ['int', 'bool', 'list']
__setitem__(key, value)[source]
  • key
  • value
class autopilot.core.utils.InvokeEvent(fn, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PySide.QtCore.QEvent

Sends signals to the main QT thread from spawned message threads

See stackoverflow

Accepts a function, its args and kwargs and wraps them as a QtCore.QEvent

EVENT_TYPE = PySide.QtCore.QEvent.Type.MaxUser
class autopilot.core.utils.Invoker[source]

Bases: PySide.QtCore.QObject

Wrapper that calls an evoked event made by InvokeEvent

staticMetaObject = <PySide.QtCore.QMetaObject object>
class autopilot.core.utils.ReturnThread(group=None, target=None, name=None, args=(), kwargs={}, Verbose=None)[source]

Bases: threading.Thread

Thread whose .join() method returns the value from the function thx to https://stackoverflow.com/a/6894023


Method representing the thread’s activity.

You may override this method in a subclass. The standard run() method invokes the callable object passed to the object’s constructor as the target argument, if any, with sequential and keyword arguments taken from the args and kwargs arguments, respectively.


Wait until the thread terminates.

This blocks the calling thread until the thread whose join() method is called terminates – either normally or through an unhandled exception or until the optional timeout occurs.

When the timeout argument is present and not None, it should be a floating point number specifying a timeout for the operation in seconds (or fractions thereof). As join() always returns None, you must call isAlive() after join() to decide whether a timeout happened – if the thread is still alive, the join() call timed out.

When the timeout argument is not present or None, the operation will block until the thread terminates.

A thread can be join()ed many times.

join() raises a RuntimeError if an attempt is made to join the current thread as that would cause a deadlock. It is also an error to join() a thread before it has been started and attempts to do so raises the same exception.


Given a dictionary of a pilot_db, return the subjects that are in it.

Parameters:pilot_db (dict) – a pilot_db. if None tried to load pilot_db with :method:`.load_pilotdb`
Returns:a list of currently active subjects
Return type:subjects (list)
autopilot.core.utils.load_pilotdb(file_name=None, reverse=False)[source]

Try to load the file_db