Terminal Setup

The Terminal is the user-facing Agent in Autopilot.

It provides a GUI used to control task operation on a set of Pilots, as well as a few calibration and maintenance routines.

Changed in version 0.3.0: Autopilot now uses Python3, so we have upgraded PySide/Qt4 to PySide2/Qt5, which dramatically simplifies installation!!


The terminal requires:

  • libzmq - the zeromq messaging library

  • Qt5 - the GUI library

and the Python packages:

  • tables>=3.4.2

  • numpy>=1.12.1

  • pyzmq>=17.1.2

  • pandas>=0.19.2

  • npyscreen

  • scipy

  • tornado

  • inputs

  • blosc

  • scikit-video

  • PySide2

  • tqdm

  • pyqtgraph>=0.11.0 - must be installed after Qt + pyside from git repo currently


brew install hdf5 zmq
pip3 install tables numpy pyzmq pandas npyscreen scipy tornado inputs blosc scikit-video PySide2 tqdm

Scripted Terminal Setup

  1. The presetup_terminal.sh script automates the manual presetup below. It..

    • Installs system & python dependencies

    • Installs the development version of pyqtgraph

  2. The setup_terminal.py script sets configuration options for prefs:

    • BASEDIR - Base directory for all local autopilot data, typically /usr/autopilot

    • MSGPORT - Port to use for our ROUTER listener, default 5560

    • DATADIR - os.path.join(params[‘BASEDIR’], ‘data’)

    • SOUNDDIR - os.path.join(params[‘BASEDIR’], ‘sounds’)

    • PROTOCOLDIR - os.path.join(params[‘BASEDIR’], ‘protocols’)

    • LOGDIR - os.path.join(params[‘BASEDIR’], ‘logs’)

    • VIZDIR - os.path.join(params[‘BASEDIR’], ‘logs’) directory to store generated visualizations

    • REPODIR - Path to autopilot git repo

    • PILOT_DB - Location of pilot_db.json used to populate pilots

    • DRAWFPS - fps to update gui.Video windows

    • LOGLEVEL - level for systemwide logging, see LOG_LEVELS

    It then creates the basic directory structure used by the Terminal and creates a launch script (ie. <BASE_DIR>/launch_terminal.sh).

The Terminal does not run as a systemd service, and must be launched each time it is used (typically from /usr/autopilot/launch_terminal.sh)