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Data models used by the :class:`.Subject` class

from datetime import datetime
import typing
from typing import Type, List, Union, Optional
import tables
from pydantic import Field, validator

from import H5F_Group, H5F_Table
from import Table, Group, Schema, Attributes
from import Biography
from import Protocol_Data

[docs]class History(Table): """ Table to describe parameter and protocol change history """ time: List[datetime] """Timestamps for history changes""" type: List[str] """Type of change - protocol, parameter, step""" name: List[str] """Which parameter was changed, name of protocol, manual vs. graduation step change""" value: List[Union[str, List[dict]]] """What was the parameter/protocol/etc. changed to, step if protocol."""
[docs] @validator('time', each_item=True, allow_reuse=True, pre=True) def simple_time(cls, v): return datetime.strptime(v, '%y%m%d-%H%M%S')
[docs]class Hashes(Table): """ Table to track changes in version over time """ time: List[datetime] """Timestamps for entries""" hash: List[str] """Hash of the currently checked out commit of the git repository.""" version: List[str] """Current Version of autopilot, if not run from a cloned repository""" id: List[str] """ID of the agent whose hash we are stashing (we want to keep track of all connected agents, ideally"""
[docs]class Weights(Table): """ Class to describe table for weight history """ start: List[float] """Pre-task mass""" stop: List[float] """Post-task mass""" date: List[datetime] """Timestamp of task start""" session: List[int] """Session number"""
[docs] @validator('date', each_item=True, allow_reuse=True, pre=True) def simple_time(cls, v): return datetime.strptime(v, '%y%m%d-%H%M%S')
[docs]class History_Group(Group): """ Group for collecting subject history tables. Typically stored in ``/history`` in the subject .h5f file """ history: History hashes: Hashes weights: Weights past_protocols: Group
[docs]class Protocol_Status(Attributes): """ Status of assigned protocol. Accessible from the :attr:`.Subject.protocol` getter/setter See :meth:`.Subject.assign_protocol`. """ current_trial: int """Current or last trial that was run in the particular level of the protocol. Continues to increment across sessions, resets across different levels of the protocol.""" session: int """Session number. Increments every time the subject is run.""" step: int """Current step of the protocol that the subject is running.""" protocol: typing.List[dict] """The full definition of the steps (individual tasks) that define the protocol""" protocol_name: str """Name of the assigned protocol, typically the filename this protocol is stored in minus .json""" pilot: Optional[str] = Field(None, description="Pilot that this subject runs on") """The ID of the pilot that this subject does their experiment on""" assigned: datetime = Field( """The time that this protocol was assigned. If not passed explicitly, generated each time the protocol status is changed."""
class _Hash_Table(H5F_Table): def __init__(self, **data): super().__init__(description=Hashes.to_pytables_description(), **data) class _History_Table(H5F_Table): def __init__(self, **data): super().__init__(description=History.to_pytables_description(), **data) class _Weight_Table(H5F_Table): def __init__(self, **data): super().__init__(description=Weights.to_pytables_description(), **data)
[docs]class Subject_Structure(Schema): """ Structure of the :class:`.Subject` class's hdf5 file """ info = H5F_Group(path='/info', title="Subject Biographical Information") data = H5F_Group(path='/data', filters=tables.Filters(complevel=6, complib='blosc:lz4')) protocol = H5F_Group(path='/protocol', title="Metadata for the currently assigned protocol") history = H5F_Group(path='/history', children=[ H5F_Group(path='/history/past_protocols', title='Past Protocol Files'), _Hash_Table(path='/history/hashes', title="Git commit hash history"), _History_Table(path='/history/history', title="Change History"), _Weight_Table(path='/history/weights', title="Subject Weights") ])
[docs] def make(self, h5f:tables.file.File): """ Make all the nodes! Args: h5f (:class:`tables.file.File`): The h5f file to make the groups in! """ for _, node in self._iter(): node.make(h5f)
[docs]class Subject_Schema(Schema): """ Structure of the :class:`.Subject` class's hdf5 file .. todo:: Convert this into an abstract representation of data rather than literally hdf5 tables. At the moment twins :class:`.Subject_Structure` """ info: Biography data: Protocol_Data protocol: Protocol_Status past_protocols: List[Protocol_Status] history: History_Group