Source code for autopilot.stim.sound.pyoserver

from autopilot import prefs

    import pyo
    PYO = True
except ImportError:
    PYO = False

[docs]def pyo_server(debug=False): """ Returns a booted and started pyo audio server Warning: Use of pyo is generally discouraged due to dropout issues and the general opacity of the module. Args: debug (bool): If true, setVerbosity of pyo server to 8. """ # Jackd should already be running from the launch script created by setup_pilot, we we just pyo_server = pyo.Server(audio='jack', nchnls=int(prefs.get('NCHANNELS')), duplex=0, buffersize=4096, sr=192000, ichnls=0) # Deactivate MIDI because we don't use it and it's expensive pyo_server.deactivateMidi() # We have to set pyo to not automatically try to connect to inputs when there aren't any pyo_server.setJackAuto(False, True) # debug if debug: pyo_server.setVerbosity(8) # Then boot and start pyo_server.boot() pyo_server.start() return pyo_server