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Utility functions for dealing with the wiki (

See the docstrings of the :func:`.ask` function, as well as the :ref:`guide_wiki_plugins` section
in the user guide for use.
from typing import Union, Optional, List
import requests
import pdb
import json
from autopilot.utils.common import find_key_value


[docs]def ask( filters:Union[List[str],str], properties:Union[None,List[str],str]=None) -> List[dict]: """ Perform an API call to the wiki using the `ask API <>`_ and simplify to a list of dictionaries Args: filters (list, str): A list of strings or a single string of semantic mediawiki formatted property filters. See :func:`.make_ask_string` for more information properties (None, list, str): Properties to return from filtered pages, See :func:`.make_ask_string` for more information Returns: """ query_str = make_ask_string(filters=filters, properties=properties, full_url=True) result = requests.get(query_str) entries = result.json()['query']['results'] # unnest 'printouts' and convert from a nested list of dicts with the top # dict as the name (eg {'entry_name':{prop1:'prop1'}} to {'name': 'entry_name', 'prop1':...} unnested = [] for entry in entries: entry_name = list(entry.keys())[0] nested_entry = entry[entry_name] unnest_entry = _clean_smw_result(nested_entry) unnested.append(unnest_entry) return unnested
[docs]def browse( search:str, browse_type:str="page", params:Optional[dict]=None ): """ Use the `browse <>`_ api of the wiki to search for specific pages, properties, and so on. Args: search (str): the search string! ``*`` can be used as a wildcard. browse_type (str): The kind of browsing we're doing, one of: * page * subject * property * pvalue * category * concept params (dict): Additional params for the browse given as a dictionary, see `the smw docs <>`_ for usage. Returns: dict, list of dicts of results """ browse_str = make_browse_string(search=search, browse_type=browse_type, params=params, full_url=True) result = requests.get(browse_str)
def _clean_smw_result(nested_entry:dict) -> dict: # unnest entries that are [[Has type::page]] and thus have extra metadata unnest_entry = {} printouts = nested_entry.get('printouts', {}) if len(printouts)>0: for k, v in printouts.items(): if isinstance(v, list) and len(v) > 1: unnest_entry[k] = [] for subv in v: if isinstance(subv, dict) and 'fulltext' in subv.keys(): subv = subv['fulltext'] unnest_entry[k].append(subv) unnest_entry[k] = sorted(unnest_entry[k]) elif isinstance(v, list) and len(v) == 1: unnest_entry[k] = v[0] if isinstance(unnest_entry[k], dict) and 'fulltext' in unnest_entry[k].keys(): unnest_entry[k] = unnest_entry[k]['fulltext'] else: unnest_entry[k] = v unnest_entry['name'] = nested_entry['fulltext'] unnest_entry['url'] = nested_entry['fullurl'] return unnest_entry
[docs]def make_ask_string(filters:Union[List[str], str], properties:Union[None,List[str],str]=None, full_url:bool = True) -> str: """ Create a query string to request semantic information from the Autopilot wiki Args: filters (list, str): A list of strings or a single string of semantic mediawiki formatted property filters, eg ``"[[Category:Hardware]]"`` or ``"[[Has Contributor::sneakers-the-rat]]"``. Refer to the `semantic mediawiki documentation <>`_ for more information on syntax properties (None, list, str): Properties to return from filtered pages, see the `available properties <>`_ on the wiki and the `semantic mediawiki documentation <>`_ for more information on syntax. If ``None`` (default), just return the names of the pages full_url (bool): If ``True`` (default), prepend ``f'{WIKI_URL}api.php?action=ask&query='`` to the returned string to make it `ready for an API call <>`_ Returns: str: the formatted query string """ # combine the components, separated by pipes or pip question marks as the case may be if isinstance(filters, str): filters = [filters] if len(filters)==0: raise ValueError(f'You need to provide at least one filter! Cant get the whole wiki!') query_str = "|".join(filters) if isinstance(properties, str): properties = [properties] elif properties is None: properties = [] if len(properties)>0: # double join with ?| so it goes between # all the properties *and* between filters and query_str = "|?".join(( query_str, "|?".join(properties) )) # add api call boilerplate and URI-encode query_str = requests.utils.quote(query_str) + "&format=json&api_version=3" if full_url: return f"{WIKI_URL}api.php?action=ask&query=" + query_str else: return query_str
[docs]def make_browse_string(search, browse_type='page', params=None, full_url:bool=True): if params is None: params = {} params['search'] = search browse_str = f"&browse={browse_type}&params={json.dumps(params)}&format=json" if full_url: return f"{WIKI_URL}api.php?action=smwbrowse" + browse_str else: return browse_str