Source code for autopilot.gui.widgets.subject

import json
import os

from PySide2 import QtWidgets
from autopilot import prefs
from import Biography
from autopilot.gui.widgets.model import ModelWidget
from autopilot.utils.loggers import init_logger

[docs]class New_Subject_Wizard(QtWidgets.QDialog): """ A popup that prompts you to define variables for a new :class:`.subject.Subject` object Called by :py:meth:`.Control_Panel.create_subject` , which handles actually creating the subject file and updating the :py:attr:`.Terminal.pilots` dict and file. Contains two tabs - :class:`~.New_Subject_Wizard.Biography_Tab` - to set basic biographical information about a subject - :class:`~.New_Subject_Wizard.Task_Tab` - to set the protocol and step to start the subject on Attributes: protocol_dir (str): A full path to where protocols are stored, received from :py:const:`.prefs.get('PROTOCOLDIR')` bio_tab (:class:`~.New_Subject_Wizard.Biography_Tab`): Sub-object to set and store biographical variables task_tab (:class:`~.New_Subject_Wizard.Task_Tab`): Sub-object to set and store protocol and step assignment """ def __init__(self): QtWidgets.QDialog.__init__(self) self.logger = init_logger(self) self.protocol_dir = prefs.get('PROTOCOLDIR') tabWidget = QtWidgets.QTabWidget() self.bio_tab = ModelWidget(Biography) tabWidget.addTab(self.bio_tab, "Biography") if self.protocol_dir: self.task_tab = self.Task_Tab() tabWidget.addTab(self.task_tab, "Protocol") buttonBox = QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox(QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox.Ok | QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox.Cancel) buttonBox.accepted.connect(self._accept) buttonBox.rejected.connect(self.reject) mainLayout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() mainLayout.addWidget(tabWidget) mainLayout.addWidget(buttonBox) self.setLayout(mainLayout) self.setWindowTitle("Setup New Subject") def _accept(self): # validate model self.logger.debug('Clicked OK to create subject') model = self.bio_tab.validate(dialog=True) if not isinstance(model, Biography): return self.accept()
[docs] class Task_Tab(QtWidgets.QWidget): """ A tab for selecting a task and step to assign to the subject. Reads available tasks from `prefs.get('PROTOCOLDIR')` , lists them, and creates a spinbox to select from the available steps. Warning: Like :class:`.Biography_Tab` , these are not the actual instance attributes. Values are stored in a `values` dictionary. Attributes: protocol (str): the name of the assigned protocol, filename without .json extension step (int): current step to assign. """ def __init__(self): QtWidgets.QWidget.__init__(self) self.protocol_dir = prefs.get('PROTOCOLDIR') topLabel = QtWidgets.QLabel("Protocols:") # List available protocols protocol_list = os.listdir(self.protocol_dir) protocol_list = [os.path.splitext(p)[0] for p in protocol_list] self.protocol_listbox = QtWidgets.QListWidget() self.protocol_listbox.insertItems(0, protocol_list) self.protocol_listbox.currentItemChanged.connect(self.protocol_changed) # Make Step combobox self.step_selection = QtWidgets.QComboBox() self.step_selection.currentIndexChanged.connect(self.step_changed) layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() layout.addWidget(topLabel) layout.addWidget(self.protocol_listbox) layout.addWidget(self.step_selection) self.setLayout(layout) # Dict to return values self.values = {}
[docs] def update_step_box(self): """ Clears any steps that might be in the step selection box, loads the protocol file and repopulates it. """ # Clear box while self.step_selection.count(): self.step_selection.removeItem(0) # Load the protocol and parse its steps protocol_str = self.protocol_listbox.currentItem().text() protocol_file = os.path.join(self.protocol_dir,protocol_str + '.json') with open(protocol_file) as protocol_file_open: protocol = json.load(protocol_file_open) step_list = [] self.step_ind = {} for i, s in enumerate(protocol): step_list.append(s['step_name']) self.step_ind[s['step_name']] = i self.step_selection.insertItems(0, step_list) self.step_selection.setCurrentIndex(0)
[docs] def protocol_changed(self): """ When the protocol is changed, save the value and call :py:meth:`.update_step_box`. """ self.values['protocol'] = self.protocol_listbox.currentItem().text() self.update_step_box()
[docs] def step_changed(self): """ When the step is changed, save it. """ current_step = self.step_selection.currentText() # Check that we have selected a step... if current_step != '': self.values['step'] = self.step_ind[current_step]