Source code for autopilot.root

Abstract Root Objects from which all other autopilot objects inherit from.

These objects are not intended to be instantiated on their own,
and this module should not import from any other autopilot module
from logging import Logger
import typing
from typing import Optional
from pprint import pformat
from abc import ABC

from pydantic import BaseModel, BaseSettings, PrivateAttr

[docs]def no_underscore_all_caps(input: str) -> str: """ prefs used to be ``'ALLCAPS'`` instead of ``'ALL_CAPS'``. In general, these should be considered degenerate, and no future prefs should be declared that depend on the presence of the underscore. Used by :class:`.Autopilot_Pref` to generate Aliases Args: input (str): input string Returns: str: without underscores and in allcaps. """ return input.replace('_', '').upper()
[docs]class Autopilot_Type(BaseModel, ABC): """ Root autopilot model for types """ _logger: typing.Optional[Logger] = PrivateAttr() def _init_logger(self): from autopilot.utils.loggers import init_logger self._logger = init_logger(self) def __str__(self): return pformat(self.dict(), indent=2, compact=True)
# remove default __init__ docstring that propagates down to all submodels Autopilot_Type.__init__.__doc__ = ""
[docs]class Autopilot_Pref(BaseSettings): """ Root autopilot model for prefs All settings can be declared with an environment variable prefixed with ``'AUTOPILOT_'`` """ class Config: env_prefix = "AUTOPILOT_" alias_generator = no_underscore_all_caps
[docs]class Autopilot_Object(ABC): """ Meta-object for autopilot object types """ def __init__(self, id:Optional[str]=None): super(Autopilot_Object, self).__init__() = id self.logger = self._init_logger() def _init_logger(self) -> Logger: from autopilot.utils.loggers import init_logger return init_logger(self)