Source code for tests.test_setup

import pytest
import re
from pathlib import Path

from autopilot.setup.setup_autopilot import make_alias

[docs]def test_make_alias(): fake_launch_path = '/some/fake/' def check_profile(profile_file): """check if a bash profile has the autopilot alias""" with open(profile_file, 'r') as pfile: profile = return bool('\n# autopilot alias.*\nalias autopilot.*', profile)) # find the bash profile as the function does bash_profile = None if (Path.home() / '.bashrc').exists(): bash_profile = Path.home() / '.bashrc' elif (Path.home() / '.bash_profile').exists(): bash_profile = Path.home() / '.bash_profile' # test automatically discovered profile has the alias (or else raises the expected ValueError) if bash_profile is None: with pytest.raises(ValueError): make_alias(fake_launch_path) else: make_alias(fake_launch_path) assert check_profile(bash_profile)
[docs]def test_quiet_mode(): """ Autopilot can be setup programmatically by calling setup_autopilot with --quiet and passing prefs and scripts manually """ pass