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pydantic model Researcher[source]


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   "title": "Researcher",
   "description": "The top-level container for Data.\n\nSubtypes will define more specific formats and uses of data, but this is the most general\nform used to represent the type and meaning of data.\n\nThe Data class is not intended to contain individual fields, but collections of data that are collected\nas a unit, whether that be a video frame along with its timestamp and encoding, or a single trial of behavioral data.\n\nThis class is also generally not intended to be used for the literal transport of data when performance is\nnecessary: this class by default does type validation on instantiation that takes time (see the `construct <>`_\nmethod for validation-less creation). It is usually more to specify the type, grouping, and annotation for\na given unit of data -- though users should feel free to dump their data in a :class:`.Data` object if\nit is not particularly performance sensitive.",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {
      "name": {
         "title": "Name",
         "type": "string"
   "required": [

field name: str [Required]