We’re working on writing more examples! Please let us know in the discussion board what you’d like to see :)

Also see the examples folder in the repository for jupyter notebooks we haven’t set up Sphinx rendering for yet ;)


For more examples, see the plugins on the wiki, two to get you started:

  • Autopilot Paper Plugin - Network_Latency : for testing network latency between two pilots, demonstrates:

    • using a single task for two pilots with different roles,

    • Point-to-point networking with Net_Node s

    • Using the Terminal_Station to connect pilots without knowing their IP/Port

  • Wehrlab Plugin - Nafc_Gap , Nafc_Gap_Laser: Extensions of the Nafc class to do experiments with gaps in continuous background noise, which demonstrate:

    • Extending the __init__ and end methods of a task class to do additional things on initialization and teardown – specifically starting and stopping background noise

    • Adding additional PARAMS, HARDWARE objects, and TrialData fields

    • Extending task methods without rewriting them – specifically adding optogentic stimulation to an existing task!